Monday, July 11, 2011

Miss Jones

I. Love. My. Job.

I finally got my very own set of keys to my very own classroom. My very first classroom. My very hot, very small, very MINE, very wonderful classroom. I spent hours upon hours in my classroom today arranging my desks, putting up even more butcher paper than I already had, assembling a cubical shelf thing, and had my very first dance party in my room. I was listenign to Lady Gaga (of course) and I couldn't help but dance and sing up and down the aisles of desks that will soon sit real life teenagers. I felt like Ellen on my own talk show. I was blissfully happy in that moment.

I bounced in my seat the entire ride home and something stirred within me that I never want to go away. I had to get to IKEA and I had to get there today. I could spend hours in IKEA with no purpose and I was there even longer this time as found some sort of purpose for every item there for my classroom. (That would be one contemporary classroom.) Sadly, I only left with three measely items, but that's three items closer to the perfect classroom. MY perfect classroom.

Am I ready to be a for realz teacher, you ask? Absolutely not. Then, you must be wondering, am I super pumped to be a real life teacher? Absolutely 150%.

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  1. UH, how am I just NOW stumbling upon this?!
    I LOVE that you are bloging!!

    You will be a killer teacher.